So what is an evidence-based life-hacker, you ask? I’m glad you asked, because that’s my slightly tongue-in-cheek elevator pitch. Would you like me to tell you? You would? Oh how kind. First and foremost, I’m a scientist interested in the behaviour of a particular species of ape called homo sapiens. I’m a coaching psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society. I write about how to live an interesting life and how not to suffer too much from the chief problems of modern life, especially stress. I conduct research, and I sometimes see clients (often via the magick of the internet).

My work is rooted in mindfulness, and often in Acceptance and Commitment Training.

I’m inspired by minimalism.

I meditate.

I cycle.

I take photos.

I’m an INTJ, in case you believe in such things. (One of my students once called me ‘the most sociable introvert you’ll ever meet’.)

My partner, Prof Nick Hulbert-Williams, and I run a private practice called Live Now. We’re not therapists. We’re coaching psychologists. If you have diagnosable mental health problems, there are other people better equipped to help. If you want to get support with achieving your goals, learning faster, or generally trying to be superhuman, get in touch. (No superpowers guaranteed.)

You can download many of my academic papers for free. Whenever I can, I release my work under Creative Commons licences.